Costumes for peanuts comic strip characters

– Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Sally, Linus and Lucy – for babies, toddlers, boys and girls, and adults.

Dress up the whole family as the peanuts gang! What a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Peanuts Comic Strip Gang

The Charles Schulz comic strip ran for fifty years delighting readers around the world. The animated movies, A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, became classics we eagerly watched each year. Now you can bring your favorite Peanuts character to life this Halloween.

How about a Charlie Brown costume? Charlie Brown had his struggles but also provided us with his insights. For instance, we all wonder at some time why we’re here. Charlie Brown also pondered and provided us with this quote "In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back." As Charlie would say "Oh, good grief!" Let’s have some fun.

Charlie Brown Toddler Costume

Charlie Brown Toddler/Child OutfitEveryone will recognize your little guy as Charlie Brown when he’s wearing Charlie’s signature yellow shirt with zigzag black stripe.

This polyester shirt comes in sizes 3 to 6X. Shorts, socks and shoes are not included. After Halloween, the shirt can be worn for play.

All costumes on this site are officially licenced Peanuts costumes.


Need a larger size? The child size Charlie Brown  version comes in sizes 7-10.

Charlie Brown Child Costume

This costume adds a Charlie Brown round face mask to complete the outfit. With this mask there’s no mistaking you’ve recreated the iconic Peanuts character.

Your little boy will look so much like Charlie, his friends will be looking for his dog, Snoopy.  

With the mask, this Halloween costume can be worn by boys or girls.



Charlie Brown is for grown ups too!

Of course, there is also a Charlie Brown costume sized for adults. And not just for men. As it also comes with a Charlie Brown mask, ladies can be Charlie as well.


Charlie Brown Adult Costume

 This costume comes with the classic  yellow shirt with the jagged black stripe, the black shorts, and the Charlie Brown round face mask. Socks and shoes not included. Have a look at thePeanuts Accessories for a pair of men’s black loafers to enhance your Charlie Brown look.

One size fits most adults.

Brush up on your Charlie Brown sayings like "Good Grief" and "Great Scott". 



Dancing Snoopy

When I think of Charlie Brown and the peanuts characters, I always think of lovable Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. Snoopy loves to dance and portrays many characters such as the World War I Flying Ace fighting his nemesis the Red Baron. Other alter-egos are Joe Cool with the great sun glasses and the writer perched on the roof of his dog house typing his novel.

Dress up as Snoopy to go trick or treating.

 Snoopy Child Costume

Snoopy Child Costume

This is a great costume for boys and girls. Being mostly white, it’s easier to be seen in the dark. Safety is always important at Hallloween. This Snoopy outfit is sized for kids wearing 4 – 10. It consists of :

  • a white two piece jumpsuit including a short tail and hand paw covers
  • foot shoe covers outline the toes of the back paws
  • a hood of a Snoopy head with black floppy ears, black eyes and nose with a red dog collar

 A similar  Snoopy Toddler/Infant Costume in sizes 3-4 and 18-24 months is available.


 How about Snoopy as a puppy just home from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm? Your baby will be adorable in this Snoopy Bunting Costume. It is perfect for infants 3 to 9 months old.  It comes with the Snoopy hood, red puppy collar and a snugly bunting bag.Snoopy Infant Bunting Costume

When you’re out trick or treating with your other children, your baby will be cozy in this bunting outfit.


 And for you adults wanting to portray the adventuresome Snoopy,  there is an adult Snoopy Outfit.Snoopy Adult Costume

Now you can portray your favorite Snoopy character. You could be Joe Cool or the World War I fighter pilot or the Beagle Scout Leader camping with your friend Woodstock.  

The Snoopy costume includes a top with hand paw coverings, pants, shoe covers for the back paws with black markings for the toes, and the snoopy headpiece with the black eyes and nose, floppy Beagle ears, and a bright red dog collar.

Enjoy yourself and do the Snoopy happy dance!




 Woodstock Costumes

Snoopy’s best friend is Woodstock, a little yellow bird. Woodstock Sitting on Pumpkins For years Snoopy had befriended birds. They would rest on his dog house when migrating. Others times they would stop by for a game of cards.

In the winter, Snoopy drives a Zamboni to clear the ice on the frozen birdbath so Woodstock and his friends can skate or play hockey. Woodstock is a great whistler. 

Snoopy on Zzamboni So if you like to whistle or are a big fan of Woodstock and fancy dressing up as a fun loving yellow bird, consider a Woodstock costume.There are Woodstock costumes for everyone – infants, toddlers, boys and girls and men and women. So you could dress the whole family up in a group costume as a flock of Woodstocks!


Peanuts Woodstock Toddler Costume

Woodstock Toddler Costume is a bright yelllow jumpsuit with wings for the arms and shoe covers for the feet. It includes a Woodstock head as a hood with perky feathers and black eyes. Time to try out the new wings and fly in this outfit.


The Peanuts Woodstock Adult CostumeWoodstock Adult Costume comes with a separate top, pants, shoe covers and the Woodstock headpiece.

It has large fabric feathers on the back.

One size fits most adults.

 Join the flock and dress up as Snoopy’s friend, Woodstock.



Sally is Charlie Brown’s little sister. Charlie helps her with her homework and writing her annual Christmas letter to Santa. Sally is in love with Linus, Charlie’s best friend. Linus teaches Sally the ways of the world. Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin and Sally sometimes accompanies him to the pumpkin patch to await his arrival. When Sally is feeling low, she heads over to the school building for sanctuary and to discuss her problems. Peanuts Sally Costume

The Sally Costume comes in adult and child sizes.  It features a pretty pink dress with collar and puffed sleeves. A Sally mask completes your transformation into the Sally cartoon character. The white shoes are available separately as shown on the Accessories page.


Linus van Pelt is remembered as always hanging onto his blue security blanket. He is often the philosopher of the Peanuts characters. He believes in the Great Pumpkin who visits the most sincere pumpkin patch on Halloween bringing gifts for good boys and girls. Although he sometimes convinces his friends, they always lose faith and ridicule him. Peanuts Linus Costume

Linus Costumes include his black striped red t-shirt, black shorts, a Linus mask, and of course, his blue blanket.  Linus costumes are available in adult and child sizes 7 – 10.


Linus has an older sister, Lucy. She tends to be grumpy and cynical. Charlie Brown often goes to her when he is depressed to get psychiatric help. Lucy is also the character that holds the football for Charlie to kick and inevitably pulls it away just as he is about to kick it. Drats!

Peanuts Lucy CostumeThe Lucy Costume consists of a blue dress with puffy capped sleeves and a petal collar along with a Lucy headpiece to complete the look. Adult and child size Lucy outfits are available.



With so many choices of Peanuts characters, you can get the whole family, the office, or your friends outfitted as the Peanuts gang. Or one could dress up as Snoopy and everyone else could be outfitted as Woodstock and his feathered friends.

If you are dressing as a couple, consider Sally or Lucy with Charlie Brown or Linus.  For a parent and child costume set, the parent as Charlie Brown and the child as Snoopy would be size appropriate and fun.

For great shoes for these costumes, trick or treat bags, and dog bones, have a look at the Peanuts Costume Accessories page. 


With the approach of Halloween, Linus prepares his pumpkin patch for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. Only the most sincere pumpkin patch will be visited by the Great Pumpkin. Sometimes Sally is somewhat convinced and waits with Linus. None of the other Peanuts characters believe in the Great Pumpkin.  

 Enjoy this video of Linus and Sally waiting for the arrival of The Great Pumpkin.

Read more about The Great Pumpkin if you aren’t familiar with this classic Peanuts story.

 When you are in the San Francisco area, visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. It’s about an hours drive from the city. Visit the studio where Charles created his comic strips. See a wall from Charles’ daughter’s bedroom where he drew many of the characters that eventually became Peanuts cartoon characters. Take a picnic and enjoy the wonderful garden setting.